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Abour Our Company

Mission Statement


Our mission at BLACKSTONE ATM is to help you accomplish your revenue goals while providing a necessary and valuable service to your customer base. We are committed to providing the best possible ATM solution for your business needs. Our primary focus is adding value to your organization through continued support and unparalleled customer service. We are passionate about pursuing our mission to ensure your revenue grows on a continual basis.


Who We Are


BLACKSTONE ATM headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Princeton, NJ. Our expansion and success is attributed to our outstanding customer service and steadfast commitment to our clientele. Since our inception we have engaged in a business philosophy that entails treating each customer individually to better understand their distinct needs.


What We Do


We simply offer the best ATM product and customer support possible to accommodate your business goals. We provide a variety of products and programs and work closely with you to choose the best option for your business. Our consultative approach ensures the optimum solution to enhance your service offerings and revenue growth for your company.


BLACKSTONE ATM specializes in

ATM Placement
Mobile ATMs ( e v e n t s )
ATM Parts
ATM Sales
ATM Technical Support
ATM Processing
Cash Management
24 hour ATM Monitoring services