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How it Works

1. Do I Want Upfront Costs vs. No Upfront Costs

First you need to decide for your business located in Millinocket, Maine if you want to buy your ATM machine and manage the money in it, or if you want us to provide you with the ATM for free as well as manage the cash loading and maintenance for you. If you decide that you want us to manage your ATM we will simply take a cut of the surcharge that the customer pays on each transaction. You will still be paid on every transaction, and you will not have any costs associated with adding an ATM machine to your small business, convenience store, office building, bar or night club, or restaurant.

2. What ATM Machine do I Want

Now you can choose what ATM machine you want in your business near Millinocket, ME (We can help you with your decision and answer your questions to help you figure out what ATM machine would be best!). A number of factors come into play such as the size of your business, your hours of operation, the number of customers that come inside daily, what forms of payment you accept, etc. Browse the various ATM Machines available to you by following the “ATM PRODUCTS” tab at the top of the site. Remember – Any ATM Machine can be wrapped with your business logo or colors of your choice to match your interior design! We will take your instructions to give you a graphic visual for you to approve for your ATM machine.


Businesses in the vicinity of Millinocket, Maine and consumers see ATMs as a necessity not just a convenience. Cash dispensing ATM machines have become the most requested service in the retail, hospitality and gaming industry in the area of Millinocket, ME. If every day many customers ask you where the nearest ATM is, then you should seriously consider providing this service to your customers. Your customers will love you for it, because they can combine their banking with their shopping. An ATM on your business within near Millinocket, Maine premises will:
  • Attract more customers to your business who otherwise won't come to you;
  • Increase monthly sales by 7-15% (typical ATM customers spend 20% more than a non-ATM customer);
  • Eliminate the need to accept checks or credit cards;
  • Manage your cash from your daily takings more effectively by using the ATM to do the banking for you;
  • Increase your revenue from transaction rebates;
  • Promote customer loyalty.

ATM Solutions for Small Business in Millinocket, ME Include:

  • Mobile ATM services for special events
  • Free ATM Placement with no long term contracts
  • Complete Turnkey Packages and Build-outs
  • First- and Second-Line Maintenance
  • Vault Cash Management
  • 24 Internet/Direct Link Monitoring
  • 24-7 Service Provider - Technical Support
  • New and Refurbished Equipment Sales
  • Installation/De-installation
  • Custom Projects and Special Requests

Placement of ATM for Businesses Include

  • Hospitals/Healthcare Centers
  • Airports, Travel Center
  • Bars, Food Court, Taverns
  • Gentlemen Clubs / Strip Clubs
  • Events & Festivals
  • Food Establishments, Diners, Restaurants
  • Office Buildings, Office Location
  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Seasonal Summer Businesses
  • Gas Stations, Fuel & Petroleum Location
  • Grocery / Convenient Stores
  • "Cash Only" Businesses
  • Stadiums
  • Schools and Universities
  • Casinos
  • Tobacco & Smoke SHops
  • Cannabis & Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We will place an ATM machine in your business in any of the following counties in ME: Kennebec County,York County,York County,Oxford County,York County,Somerset County,Aroostook County

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