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ATM Machine Placement for Business in Rhode Island

Are you running a business in the state of Rhode Island with customers looking for an ATM Machine on a regular basis? You can add an ATM to your place of business located in RI in a matter of days at no charge to you!

Click here to get started with free atm or contact us for more information.

Blackstone ATM is committed to helping you get setup with your own ATM machine.

We will place an ATM machine in your business in any convenient location in the state of RI and negotiate with you as to what a customer will pay to withdrawal money and what percentage of that cash withdrawal surcharge you will earn. If you prefer to earn 100% of the surcharge you can purchase your own ATM machine and we will gladly assist you in doing that too!

Many places of business in Rhode Island prefer to take the first option, IE: no upfront cost for the ATM machine and a fair percentage payout on each transaction made on the ATM. Reasons for choosing this path include of course no upfront costs and most importantly no need to manage the cash to fill the ATM machines. Any time there is a technical issue we are alerted electronically and repairs are typically made within 12 hours, another weight off your shoulders as you focus on running your business.

We will design your ATM to match your place of business!

Having an ATM is important to your customers, but having one that looks good in your place of business is almost as important. We will wrap your new ATM with your stores logos or any coloring scheme of your choice. Our graphics team will design the ATM wrap and show you it for your approval prior to installation.

Browse through our various ATM options and contact us today to get started!! Fill out the form anytime with the best time/method to contact you and we will get an ATM into your place of business within days!

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ATM Processing in RI - What is it?

Many individuals and companies do not realize the amount of money they are giving away with the interchanges ( ATM Processing ). If you are interested in getting a better payout, feel free to contact us. Let us know your present fixed interchange rate (or buy rate), and we will try to beat it.

Also, do you know when you get you vault cash deposited into your account? Many processors promise you next day. However, the main issue is the weekend. When is the cutoff time with your process for Monday morning? Did you know that many atm placement services for business in Rhode Island processors only give you until 12pmEST on Friday for your Monday morning replenishment! Thats just HORRIBLE. That means everything you do over the weekend doesn't go into your account until Tuesday!!!! At Blackstone ATM we know how important getting vault cash into your account is to you. We go through a processor which shortens that cycle. All weekend transactionss that occur until Sunday at 2pm CST gets returned into your bank account Monday morning! You deserve to get the best interchange rates available. There are many distributors and ISOs that give their "partners" pennies on a transaction. We don;t believe in that. We also believe that you should get a piece of the TRUE ATM Processing interchange, not some low ball "fixed rate". Did you know that the pool of interchange rises when dealing with international transactions?

Placement of ATM for Businesses Include

  • Hospitals / Healthcare Centers
  • Airports, Travel Center, Resorts, Lodges, Hotel & Motel
  • Bars, Food Court, Taverns, Entertainment Centers
  • "Cash Only" Gentlemen Clubs / Strip Clubs / Adult Stores
  • Bank, Credit Union, Financial Centers
  • Events & Festivals, Carnivals, Fairs, Amusement Parks
  • Food Establishments, Diners, Restaurants, Liquor Stores
  • Office Buildings, Office Location
  • Malls & Shopping Centers, Retail Store Location
  • Seasonal Summer Businesses, Beach & Boardwalks
  • Gas Stations, Fuel & Petroleum Location, Car Wash
  • Grocery, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Tattoo Parlors
  • "Cash Only" Businesses
  • CBD Stores, CBD Retailer, Legal Cannabis Businesses
  • Stadiums, Movie Theaters, Auditoriums
  • Schools and Universities, College Dormatory
  • Casinos, Racetracks, Sporting Events
  • Tobacco & Smoke Shops, Cigar Shops, Smoke Accessory Stores
  • Cannabis Dispensaries & Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Dispensary ATM

We will place an ATM machine in your business in any of the following counties in RI: Bristol County,Kent County,Newport County,Providence County,Washington County

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